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This is pretty much a tame porn blog. 

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Paint tool SAI Masterpost


Okay so someone i follow lost all of her custom brushes so i made a masterpost for anybody who needed it


First i have some links:

link 1

link 2

link 3

link 4

link 5

And now full pictures i found in google a looong time ago:






And last a blog with a bunch of these: (though it doesn’t update much)

erhmm…yep that’s about it



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Cyborg 009


Cyborg 009



Good news, I’m going to start selling prints of my latest work/notable sketchbook pieces for $10 USD and I’m open for portrait commissions:


Each 8.5” x 11” print will be custom made and printed on fine archival canvas for you to cherish in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever for years to come. They will all be signed by yours truly and include a cute, little complementary sketch! And I’ll have it shipped out to you within 3-5 business days. 

Order your print(s) now at my Etsy shop, Moonflowergel!


Dimensions       Price 

5” x 7”             $20 USD 

8” x 10”            $30 USD

9” x 12”            $35 USD

Note: Shipping cost not included. Estimated shipping cost is $5.95 USD for all shipments within the US and all shipments everywhere else will have to be paid exactly. 

Each drawing will be rendered in graphite pencil and you have the option of including some color. 

Please contact me via email to order your portrait!


All payments will be received through Paypal (be sure to make your payment out to For the portrait commissions, payment will be piecemeal. Half will be paid as soon as preliminary sketches are approved by you and the final half of payment (and shipping costs) will be made when the portrait is complete. All commissions and prints will be shipped in padded envelopes reinforced with cardboard.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to finish your portrait. If you would like a conversation piece (i.e. a group portrait), a drawing with larger dimensions, would like to add a frame to your purchase, or whatever your concern, please email me or message me on tumblr. 

~*I’m only accepting FOUR commissions and I’ll only be accepting commissions until July 25, so get it while it’s hot*~

Thank you for your time and consideration, 

F.M. Grant

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New Animation Software 「EmoFuri」 Helps Animate Illustrations Instantly!


E-mote Free Movie Maker, shortened EmoFuri, is a new Windows software released by M2 that helps artists easily animate photoshop illustrations in a 2D-3D style! EmoFuri uses PSD files of character illustrations to animate them.


EmoFuri is free for download! Try it out here!

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Anonymous: Hey P-M :D I'm going to start off by saying that your art is beautiful. I could spend hours and hours just scrolling through your blog. <3 Thanks for sharing your amazing works with the fandom ^^ I'm 17 and I love to sketch as a hobby. The thing is, I'm not so good, haha. I've tried looking up tutorials online and sometimes things come out the way I want to, sometimes not. I STRUGGLE so bad with anatomy. :'( Any advice on how i can improve? Tips, tricks? :) Thank you for your time! Stay awesome!


Hi anon,

First, I am SORRY about the late reply, your ask has been in my inbox for at least three weeks now but I couldn’t find the time to answer it! In addition, new messages kept on coming and I was forgetting about the old ones, I’m really stupid! -_____-

I’ve tried looking up tutorials online and sometimes things come out the way I want to, sometimes not.

Welcome to the artist life. I wish I could pat you on the head and tell you that it’s gonna get better but, no, it’s not gonna get better (well a bit…). Even after years of practice, there are gonna be times where you are not gonna be satisfied and most of the time, you won’t even be able to explain why.

It’s the same thing with tutorials. It’s not because you follow a tutorial that things are magically gonna work. You have to do it again and again and struggling is unfortunately a part of the game.

Any advice on how i can improve?

Ok, maybe you are not following tutorials that are appropriate for you and your way of working.

1) Did you have a look at this book by Michael Hampton? You can also find tons of pics online if you want and even this video that is a kind of master class (and more here! Watch and learn, like at school except that you can do that in your pajamas and stop whenever you want). Basically, the body is decomposed in circles, cylinders, tubes, etc..and it makes the learning of anatomy easier.The body isn’t a succession of curves but much more geometric elements working like a Tetris.

Also, if Michael Hampton isn’t your cup of tea, these two tuts are also very good:

2) What is also important is knowing how the body works “inside”: the muscles, the bones, the skeleton. If you know how it works inside and “what is where”, you won’t make mistakes when drawing a body. Of course, it’s not worth having the knowledge of a surgeon but knowing where the biceps, the triceps, the quadriceps are when you draw an arm can be very useful and can avoid stupid anatomy mistakes and drawing a muscle or an articulation at the wrong place.

It’s also a great excuse to ask your parents to buy you a skeleton or a skull. May I introduce you Ludovic, my skull:

He’s beautiful, look at that gorgeous smile!

3) Practice. Honestly, it’s the best advice I can give you. Even with tuts, the road won’t be easy and yes, you will struggle and no, it’s not gonna be easy. So draw, again and again even if you think that it’s hard, that the result sucks, that you are not improving (because drawing after drawing, you are!)

Voilà! I hope that my advice will help you a bit (even if I sound like a broken record sometimes…)

Thank you for enjoying my art so much and happy sketching ♥

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Please for the love of all that is holy DO NOT USE THIS TO PERSONALIZE YOUR TUMBLR. It’s covered in adware and every single time I click onto someone’s tumblr who has it I have to run my spybot and then it catches a bunch of stuff and in one case one of these addresses downloaded an adware program onto my computer that prevented me from hitting back on my browser and had loud popup ads now and then and annoying blue hyperlinks everywhere. It took several hours of my time to remove the darn thing from my computer completely.

"But I can have a cool personalized name with .co .vu!" Yeah, you know why? Because most people don’t use it so names aren’t taken. Why?

Because it’s covered in adware and spyware.

If you respect your followers AT ALL do not use this. Please.


Let me know if you have questions!!!

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Not that this blog is very active, but it’ll be going on a hiatus for the next few weeks so I can finally go back and tag things. 



because i am SO SICK of seeing drawings and cosplays with this


this is not how freckles look and it just makes the whole character fall apart 


now i could sit you down and tell you all the science behind freckles but thats boring. the point is, anybody can have freckles, and some can get LOADS of beautiful freckles,


or even just a few. now if youre cursed like me and have a mom that is the ginger queen yet you were born with NO FRECKLES, heres a little tutorial i slapped together to help you out


the key to freckles is VARIATION. the red parts indicate the area where freckles gather the most to yellow where there are much less.


i use a brown and black makeup pencil, theres probably other makeups to help with it, this one just works for me. freckles come in all shapes and size, and yes, beyond circles and ovals. freckles towards the red areas will overlap each other very much, i start out with making some very large freckles, from light ones to dark ones


you want to make your freckles so they dont look evenly spaced apart at all, i like to have many of them in small groups, and a FEW single ones. keeping the contrast in  freckle space is essential to making your face look like its actually full of gorgeous freckles


hell yeah ear freckles! these are important too, they appear mostly around the boarder (pardon my ear as it actually is missing the end ridge) near the earlobe and a few can even be inside the ear. the amount all depends on how many freckles you are putting on your person. remember things like eye lids, near and in the eyebrows or hair near enough to the forehead. your scalp has freckles too so if you have short hair like mine, the scalp shows through your hair. you dont have to go all freckle crazy on the scalp, just keep in mind it deserves these beautiful spots too


FOREHEAD FRECKLES~ the way i use my pencil is not just to dot the surface of my face, but as i put it down, i kind of give it a twist to darken it without spreading the freckle out too much. keep your pencil sharpened to help with variation, and use black and brown pencils at different pressures.


 the breakdown of the steps for me is: 

large dots, many varying dots, outlander dots, then i wipe down a lot of them to get more faded effects, then i repeat the first few steps. then i go back over and touch up some, darken some to create more variation, and see if i can add even more contrast in areas with a few dots in blank areas. then seal it all up lightly and ur golden


sorry im not smiling its about 90 degrees in my room currently BUT HERE YOU HAVE IT. FRECKLES. this applies all down the body of course, but im not doing all that its just the same process

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Hope this helps!

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